The Super Dirtonneur (200km off road challenge)

What is the Super Dirtonneur:

The Super Dirtonneur is an Audax “permanent” off road ride route of 200kms using mostly the Kidman trail (except for the diversion into Nairne and a small section into Echunga).

Audax events focus on completion of a defined route in an allotted time. The cut off time for Audax recognition of the Super Dirtonneur is 13hrs 20mins.

As an Audax “permanent”, Audax members (or riders with a Cycling Australia membership number) can nominate a date to complete the route self supported. The organiser of the event will post a brevet card and additional route details to riders upon request. For further details of the rules of Audax “permanent” event please review the information listed here.

For more details of the Super Dirtonneur contact Adelaide MTB trails, Super Dirtonneur organiser


What is Audax

What is Audax

What is the Kidman Trail:

The Kidman Trail is a multi use horse riding, cycling and walking trail that traverses 269 kilometers of roadsides, forest tracks, private land and unmade road reserves with trail markers indicating the route.

The Kidman Trail is a Horse SA initiative. We thank Horse SA for their efforts and dedication to bring this long distance trail to reality and willingness to share it with the wider trail community.

For details of the Kidman trail click here. (269km long horse riding, cycling and walking trail).

The Route:

Bikely map of the Super Dirtonneur route

Mytrails map of the Super Dirtonneur route

Note: The bikely and Mytrails map lists the distance as 96kms, however the route is used as Echunga to Nairne to Echunga to Willunga to Echunga. So the full distance is 200kms (actual measured 198kms).

The starting point, half way point and finish point are in Echunga.

History of the Super Dirtonneur:

The original Super Dirtonneur event was run in the mid north near Adelaide. The event was run 3 times, the last being in 2000. The event had a very high rate of attrition and was only completed in the required cut off time of 13hrs 20mins by a total of 6 riders.

The marking and supporting a 200km off road route was always a challenge and ultimately lead to the demise of this unique and challenging event. However with the creation of the Kidman Trail and it’s suitability to support such a ride route and the introduction of the Audax “permanent” events, the Super Dirtonneur was reinvented in July 2011. The new route is of a similar challenge level to the original route and the 13hrs 20mins cut off time has been retained to keep the tradition of the challenge of the Super Dirtonneur.


Audax Checkpoint ride report from the last running of the original Super Dirtonneur in 2000.

Official attempts:

David Clark, 1/4/2012, time 11hrs 3mins. Ratified.
Brian, 17/3/2012, abandoned
Ian, 17/3/2012, abandoned
Geoff, 17/3/2012 abandoned

Unofficial course openers:

In June 2011 2 riders independently completed the route unofficially to lay the basis for the reinvented Super Dirtonneur route.

David Clark, 18/6/2011, time 12hrs 4mins.
Dean Jones, 25/6/2011, time 10hrs 8mins.

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