Prospect Hill (Kuitpo Forest)

Note: (June 2011) A big thanks to the Prospect Hill trail care crew, the trails are all open again. Woohoo…

Trail Maps:
Prospect Hill Map 1 (2.7mb) Updated 5/2012, Prospect Hill XC race track area.

Prospect Hill Map 1 - inset (1.2mb) Updated 5/2012, Higher resolution map of the MTB specific trails.

Prospect Hill Map 2 (1.2mb) Updated 7/2010, Forestry HQ easy green trails.

GPS Maps:
Prospect Hill Map 1 - Garmin 800 custom map (0.5mb) Updated 5/2012. This is a map of the Prospect Hill MTB trails in a Garmin 800 custom map format. Load it into your Garmin 800 then Go Ride.
Please Note: This file needs to have the "kmz" file name extension, some browsers re-name the file with the "zip" file name extension during download. If this happens you need to manually rename it with the "kmz" file name extension to get it to work ie "ProspectHill-Map1-inset.kmz".
Oh and another thing, the custom map doesn't become visible until the zoom is at 800m or more. I find 200m and 120m zooms the most useful for MTB.

GPS Route:
Here is a 7km lap of Prospect Hill in standard GPX format and Gamin TCX format for those of you savvy enough to know how to load these into your GPS.

GPX format - 7km lap of Prospect Hill trails
TCX format (Garmin Course format) - 7km lap of Prospect Hill trails

The course above can be previewed in Bike_Route_Toaster and Ride_with_GPS.
Bike Route Toaster course - 7km lap of Prospect Hill trails

Ride with GPS course - 7km lap of Prospect Hill trails

Signage: The single tracks in the MTB race area are not signposted.
The trails following vehicle tracks (Kidman Trail, Tingella Trail and Forest Trails) are signposted.
Web site: No

  • Prospect Hill Google Map of Trails area
  • Some great XC trails, but they are not easy to find, recommend taking someone who knows the area.
  • This area can be affected by forestry logging or thinning operations.
  • Also some short, very easy trails (not great XC riding) near the Kuipto Forest Headquarters; Chookarloo trail, Onkeeta trail, Tinjella trail. Kuitpo Forest Brochure (1.1mb)
  • Is in the Mt Lofty Ranges Fire ban district.
  • Park at Christmas Tree Hill car park.

Video shot of some of the trails on map 1 (June 2011).

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