2008 Bullrider 5 day XC stage race, Alice Springs NT

2008 Bullrider

Friday 16/5/08

Current plan is to blog some info here on the 2008 Bullrider XC race in Alice Springs. However no big promises at this stage.

Saturday 17/5/08

1st mechanical and haven't even left Adelaide yet. The plane has broken down. They started loading it, then stood around scratch their….. heads for ages, then unloaded it and took it away.

Then they brought another one for us. This all ment we were an hour late departing. We were told the first plane was "Unserviceable", ie Stuffed. I hope that's the end of my mechanicals for the week.

Sunday 18/5/08

2nd mechanical, was puting through town on a bitumen road on the way back from the markets. A piece of glass staked my front tyre and sprayed stan's liquid everywhere.

Now have a new tyre on the front…….. Hope that's my puncture for the week. :-)

Racing starts tomorrow…….

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